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Great opportunities I have seen while using the internet and that I consider real are listed below. Highly recommended for both seasoned marketers and people who'd like to start building their business.

BitClub Network [bitcoin mining & marketing]

(Not for USA people, I'm afraid)
You become a bitcoin miner in BitClub Network when you have them buy online equipment which is installed at a mining center where the electric energy is clean and cheap, and the earnings are great. You can build your affiliate marketing business with this company too, here.


The worst type of promoting for your non traffic business is publishing pages through traffic exchange websites. Still, occasionally I am getting a sparse signup for a non-TE program.

Payment processors
In order to conduct business one has to fund and receive through banking and crediting facilities. Next to credit cards and banks, much used facilities in internet are the so-called payment processors, also called e-currencies, sometimes. Frequently used payment processors that are providing their services for several online products and services are: Payza, PayPal, EgoPay, Solid TrustPay.

Bitcoin wallet
Another type of currency is the alt currency or crypto currency. There are several in use like Litecoin, Dogecoin, and of course Bitcoin, to name just a few. Initiatives like Bitcoin have an underlying structure that is not just capable of providing a way to use monetary means, but also have potential as an alternative network protocol. In fact it could replace the internet protocols as a safer and more independent protocol. To start a Bitcoin wallet go to the appropriate website and go to the wallet page to get your absolutely free bitcoin wallet. You can start wallets for several ends (e.g.: private, business 1, business 2, savings account, donations.You name it). Here is the link for chosing a new bitcoin wallet.