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Welcome to my Traffic Exchanges Page!

Don't you just love traffic exchanges? Especially if you would like to promote traffic exchange websites or TE's as they are often named, you definitely should engage in their activity. Since their business is traffic, TE's first nature should be advertising, but it has become their second.

TE's are primarily being used for TE's, not for usual advertising. It's B2B mostly.

So advertise about TE's in the traffic exchange programs. And perhaps about some other ways for getting attention for B2B stuff, like listbuilding programs and very occasionally companies that sell ads which show at other websites outside TE's. You will also see webpages about earning and work from home opportunities on your surf inside the traffic exchanges sites. But trying to sell a product as a reseller or an affiliate could just be considered tears for water, or spilt milk.

Some of the TE's stand out from the crowd by their number of members, some for their co-operative force with other traffic exchanges, and other for a specific interest group like people who love to play online role playing games. There is one called EasyHits4U which has become so popular that its membership has climbed to 1 million members in August of 2015. Whatever their unique selling point may be, for members it all comes down to the webpages you want other members to view and act upon. This usually means that you will have to earn credits to show impressions of banners, text ads or webpage views by surfing on the TE's.

I shall refrain from writing about traffic exchanges I am not sign up with, which doesn't say anything about the quality of TE's that I am not mentioning, on his page. The good thing about most of the TE's is that you don't always have to surf to earn credits for impressions. Basically members surf the available web pages that other members have in circulation at the TE. Surfers get credits for that. They assign the credits to the webpages, banners and text ads they also want to bring in circulation at the TE. TE's often have special offers for discounted traffic credits, or discounted memberships. So always be on the lookout if you're a member at a traffic exchange.